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The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia’s No More Litters Program

Jim Shaw, Atlanta

After launching his career as a CPA with Arthur Andersen and Company, James “Jim” Shaw went on to enjoy success as an Atlanta-based, private equity investor in commercial real estate. A dedicated philanthropist, Jim Shaw supports several organizations, including the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia.

In its efforts to promote responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals, the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) offers a variety of programs and services for both companion animals and their human owners. Through its No More Litters program, the HSNEGA helps owners of pregnant cats and dogs find homes for the babies and prevent future litters.

Although the HSNEGA may consider older animals for the program, it is typically reserved for companion animals under the age of seven years old. To ensure that the kittens and puppies are in good health, the HSNEGA provides vaccinations and keeps them with their mothers for seven to eight weeks. At that point, the babies are spayed/neutered and entered into the HSNEGA’s adoption program to await placement into loving homes.
By spaying/neutering the babies and mothers that enter the No More Litters program, the HSNEGA helps prevent animal homelessness and reduce the number of cats and dogs that are euthanized in Georgia shelters. All No More Litters services, including the vaccinations, deworming, and spay/neuter surgery, are provided at no cost to the owners.

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